50 years ago, Dr. Paul Ekman’s discovered that you can decode the human face and that facial expressions are universal.  His research on emotion and deception determined that there are 7 key emotions that present themselves in what’s become known as “micro-expressions”.

Ekman developed training that’s become the gold standard for law enforcement agencies world-wide.  While incredibly effective, it has been largely unaccessible to the business world in North America…until now.

Read Emotions LLC is amongst the first North American companies authorized by Paul Ekman to provide certification and training courses on emotional competencies and deception detection for business professionals.

A person’s face is the roadmap to their thoughts and feelings.  Read it, and you’ll know where to go next.   Learn how you can gain an edge in all areas of your profession by using these emotional intelligence enhancement techniques.

“Emotions change how we see the world and how we interpret the actions of others.”

Dr. Paul Ekman

When developing your People Reading Skills, nothing quite beats a 5-Day Live Workshop.

Emotional Intelligence

In the first 2 days of the workshop, you’ll learn how to read people’s emotions accurately and how to apply this in your workplace.  You’ll do this by learning how to:

  • Recognise and Manage your Own Emotions
  • Improve your Ability to Identify Emotions in Others
  • Develop Powerful Strategies for Building Productive Relationships

Whether you are a manager, negotiator, facilitator, parent or therapist – Developing your emotional skills and interacting constructively with others is vital to the success of building successful relationships and improving your mental well-being.

Lie Detection

For the last 3 days of interactive training, there is an emphasis placed on assessing truthfulness and routing out deception.  During this section of the course, you will:

  • Identify Hidden Messages and Deception in Others
  • Enhance your Ability to Analyze Verbal and Nonverbal Behavioral Cues
  • Develop Robust Questioning Strategies to Elicit Valuable Information from Others 
If your role requires you to have a firm grasp of the truth, seek out deception, and obtain the full story, then Evaluating truthfulness and Credibility is the course for you.

Approved Paul Ekman International Licensed Delivery Center

Want your own team/company to gain these potent skills?

"Go for it!"

Thanks for a wonderful course. I enjoyed the course a great deal and learn’t an enormous amount. The learning was well structured and the teaching team friendly, knowledgeable and fun! I loved the international feel with participants from all over the globe. For anyone considering this training I say “go for it!” You will learn a lot and meet some amazing people!
Melody Cheal, NLP Master Trainer

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About the Trainers


Cliff Lansley - EIA Group Director

MANCHESTER, UK - B Ed (Hons), MIOD, MABPsych, Cert Ed

Behavioral Analysis Expert (MD – Paul Ekman International and the Emotional Intelligence Academy) and specialist in the physical signs of deception, will pinpoint how lies are given away through minute movements in the face and body.

Aaron Garner - EIA Group Director


Aaron Garner is a Director of EIA and a Paul Ekman International (PEI) Approved Trainer with a background in behavioral analysis – specializing in reading emotions and evaluation of truth, credibility and deception. He holds a MSc degree in Emotions, Credibility and Deception.


LIE TO ME is the compelling drama inspired by the scientific discoveries of a Dr Paul Ekman who can read clues embedded in the human face, body and voice to expose the truth and lies in criminal investigations.Fox’s drama “Lie To Me” is a series about the science of lying. The series, starring Tim Roth, focuses on a team of deception experts who have a private agency that’s contracted by law enforcement, every government agency, corporations and private individuals when they’ve hit a roadblock in their search for the truth. Roth’s team work on the most difficult cases where there’s a web of lies that needs to be untangled.The science of deception detection is based on the work of Dr. Paul Ekman who is the world’s leading deception expert.“Lie To Me” creator and initial executive producer, Samuel Baum, enlisted the consulting help of Dr. Ekman, who has contracted himself with the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security as well as every government agency to consult in deception-related fields. The organisation ‘Paul Ekman International PLC’ has been established and approved by Dr Ekman to deliver training in deception detection and emotional awareness skills. This series launched on Wednesday, January 21st 2009.