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Learning Highlight Samples

“I’m going to begin using Zoom for sales calls, rather than the phone. Now seeing what others are feeling is too valuable to miss.”

“Fascinating to know that 7 emotions are universal and can be recognized in others, regardless of what country or culture they are from.”

“No pouncing! Don’t point out another’s person’s emotions right when you see it. Be patient and ask questions to figure out what is going on.”

“This skill will be good at work and at home. And I want my kids to have this ability, now.”

“In an interview, look at the person who’s being spoken to, not the speaker!”

“It’s cool how each emotion has set rules that are related to what triggers it.”

“I know this training is about recognizing emotions in others, but I need to be careful about how my facial expressions, like anger, can undermine work relationships, too.”

“This new skill is really increasing my empathy for others.”

“I need to teach this to my team, so when they are selling, they can know what a buyer is really feeling.”

Success Stories

Elite Sales Professional

Jamie went through our full 5-day global certification experience. At the end of each day he chose not to spend time with the trainers or attendees. Rather he went to his room, turned on a news station, turned off the sound and studied faces. By the third day he wasn’t missing any expressions in live interactions or on videos.

Upon his return to work Jamie applied his ability to respond to anger, disgust and sadness with buyers who had previously been difficult to deal with.

In addition, he shared how when he now saw contempt it no longer triggered him. He smiled and patiently pursued the sale. Jamie was able to better manage his own emotions as well as others. He attributed $30K in commissions attained in 2 weeks after the Read Emotions program to the skills he had developed during training.

His best memory of the workshop was not its use at work. It was his newly-found ability to recognize how he triggered his wife’s emotions. Jamie attributes his healthier marriage to his increase in emotional intelligence.

Mental Health Counselor

Jessica was somewhat upset after going through the 2-day workshop. Why? She was vocal about the fact that these skills were never offered to her during all the years of schooling she had to navigate, in order to work in her profession.

Her job is to know what someone is really feeling, in order to help them through a healing process. When we followed up with Jessica a couple months after the program, she told us she uses this skill every single day.

It has tremendous value when managing relationships and helping people to attain new thinking and behaviors.

Do you see yourself in any of these situations?

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